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Reach new customers and increase conversion rates with our seamless Shopify translation & localization tool 

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The Simplicity of a Translation App: We are just as easy to use as a free translation app but with added quality and accuracy. 

Expanded Global Reach & Market Share: With a localized Shopify store, you can effortlessly tap into new markets and reach a wider audience across the globe.

Increased International Conversions: Remove language barriers and help consumers understand your content, products, and offers. 

"Working with Wolfestone is easy and efficient. Their customer service and account management go above and beyond to make sure that their translation are high-quality and on-time."

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The Benefits of Shopify Translation


Unlock the Full Potential of International Ecommerce

Our tailored solutions go beyond the basic language conversion of free plugins, offering a suite of benefits that enhance user experience, boost conversions, and propel your brand toward global success.


Unparalleled Quality, Effortless Integration

At Wolfestone Group, we understand the importance of simplicity and precision. Our Shopify translation and localization services combine the ease of a plugin with the innovation of AI-driven accuracy. Say goodbye to clunky, error-prone translations.


Competitive Advantage and Global Market Penetration

Standing out in today's competitive ecommerce landscape requires strategic differentiation. Our Shopify solution gives a powerful competitive advantage. According to Shopify's Future of Commerce report, 47% of consumers prioritize brands with a local presence. With Wolfestone, you'll not only capture the attention of your target market but also tap into a wider global audience. 


Enhanced User Experience and Higher Conversions

Providing a seamless and intuitive shopping experience is paramount to winning customer loyalty. By offering prices in familiar currencies, displaying localized imagery, and ensuring accurate product information, you reduce cart abandonment rates and empower customers to confidently complete their purchases. Studies have shown that personalized websites lead to 10-15% higher conversion rates and 20% higher customer satisfaction rates.


Gain a competitive edge, penetrate new markets, and foster customer loyalty like never before. Elevate your international e-commerce journey with Wolfestone – where innovation meets authenticity.

One of the few ISO certified Language Service Providers in the USA

We Translate More Than Words

At Wolfestone Group, we know that translation is about more than words on a page. The most important parts of your message are the tone, personality and meaning. But these often get lost in translation—especially when auto-translation apps are involved.

Wolfestone’s professional translators and localization experts are human, and they take the time to translate your words and your message. We translate between the lines to ensure you get the most accurate and impactful translation possible.

And we back it up with the industry’s highest standards for accuracy.

Don’t pay a translation agency to run your words through an app. Partner with Wolfestone and send the message you intend.